About Me

Chinatown, San Francisco, California | November '17

I’m just a small town girl with a second-hand camera and an itchy foot, pinching my pennies and dashing off to hunt adventures whenever I have a moment free!

I’m proudly multi-racial, passionately a bookworm, and am eternally daydreaming about new adventures and distant horizons.  My first adventure was my own upbringing… I was quite literally raised in a chicken coop (my hippie dad lay down some floorboards, put up some walls around the chicken wire, added some warehouse windows and called it a done deal) in a small Bay Area agricultural town of 600 scattered residents where traffic is usually caused by escaped livestock and “cell phone reception” is a dirty word.

Rio Grande, Albuquerque, New Mexico | April ’17

From the beginning I dreamed of travelling the world, but when life is hand to mouth and leftovers have to be made to stretch an extra day the last thing anyone has time for is a vacation.

So one year I looked down at my road blocks, my privileges, and my blessings and determined that I needed to stop believing that travel was a luxury reserved for someone else.  So I made a (New Years’) resolution:  I would stop making decisions based on fear, and I would take every possible opportunity to travel.

This decision has seen me waking up to howler monkeys at sunrise along the playful beaches of Costa Rica, walking the footsteps of King Arthur and his knights along England’s Cornish cliffs before jetting off to fall in love with the gray streets of a rainy autumn in Paris, swimming in the Aegean as I explored Croatian islands by boat, and learning to like wine in the off-season piazzas of Montevere, Rome… and its only the beginning.

I never quite have a fully thought-out plan and I spend an awful lot of time laughing in hindsight at my impulsive ideas, but I’ve never once regretted the moments and adventures I’ve been blessed with so far.  I’m looking forward to my mistakes and to sharing with you all of the wonders along the way.

See you on the road, wanderers!